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How our kidneys work?

What our kidneys do?

The kidneys are paired retroperitoneal organs in the renal system weighing 150 grams each, those organs are vital for a healthy life. Everyday kidneys play a key role in your body by filtering the blood of waste products, excess fluid and other impurities transferring it into urine. by their tiny filters they generate 180 liters of filtered blood per day, the waste comes from food and your body muscles, your kidneys also play a key role in other important functions such as:

Maintaining acid levels.

Keeping bones strong and healthy.

Generating red blood cells.

Controlling blood pressure

Where are our kidneys located?

The kidneys are bean-shaped organs they’re located below the ribs, behind your belly, one on each side of your spine, in the back of your upper abdomen area, they sit opposite each other on the right and left side of your body, the right kidney sits a little lower than your left kidney.

Kidneys pain can be felt in the in the right or left side of the back, usually kidney pain is deeper than back pain because it constant and cannot get better by massaging the area or moving your position.

Kidney pain has many possible causes and some could be serious, but depending on the cause it may feel sharp or severe and it can come in waves and feel intense at times  However, it’s easy to mistake between kidney pain and back pain but usually kidney pain is constant and deeper because it cannot get better by massaging the area or moving your position.

Can kidney disease be prevented?

Kidney disease can be prevented if you keep the main reasons behind kidney failure maintained, which are high blood pressure and diabetes, if you managed and controlled them well it can prevent you from kidney disease.

Therefore, if you already have a chronic kidney disease (CKD), you can prevent your kidney from more damage, by maintaining your high blood pressure and diabetes and following a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy food and having a workout routine. However, educating more about your kidneys and understanding their risk factors can help you prevent kidney failure.