6 steps to control high blood pressure

Exercise Regularly Regular activities help in lowering your blood pressure if you have high blood pressure, it’s important to have a consistent workout routine because if you stop your blood pressure will raise again.


Reduce sodium intake Even if a small amount of sodium reduction has resulted in lowering blood pressure.Cutting down on processed food also help of reduction of sodium intake.


Lose weight if you’re overweight Blood pressure often increases as weight increases, it’s important to lose the extra kilos.

Being overweight may causedisrupted breath which further raises blood pressure.

Stress less Stress can temporarily raise your blood pressure; it can be hard sometimes to slow down because of the
increasing demands in life but knowing the cause of stress and fixing the problem will help.

Monitor your blood pressure at home Regularly monitor your blood pressure at home, it helps alerting you and your doctor from potential heath complications. Blood Pressure monitors are available widely and without a a

Visit your doctor regularly Regular visits to your doctor are also key to monitoring blood pressure as well as the right